My horny old biddies

” “When?” I asked? “Wednesday, come by at two, and we can have a few hands of bridge.” “I’ll have to clear it with Mr. Drew. He’s probably not going to be too happy paying me to sit here and play cards with you and your friends. In fact, he’s probably furious that it’s taken me so long to move a few boxes.” “Don’t worry about Mr. Drew, Bob I’ll phone him and clear you coming to play cards with us,” “You can do that?” I asked. “Sure I can,” she ended smiling, “you see I own this retirement home, so Mr. Drew works for me, and I suppose so do you, so what I do with your time is none of his business. But I will tell him how well you did taking care of my box, boxes,” She amended smiling demurely. At two on the dot I stood outside of Meg’s apartment and gently knocked. Almost instantly, the door swung open and Meg ushered me inside. “Promptness,” She exclaimed, “I like that in a person, it shows respect, something that is sadly lacking in our society. Come on over and I’ll introduce you to my friends and we can get started. In the centre of the room, Meg had set up an ornate card table covered in green felt; standing next to it were two women about the same age as Meg. This she said is Marlene, we’ve been friends for longer than I care to remember, and this is Janet, who I’ve known for almost as long. Our husband, who unfortunately have all passed away were partners in an engineering company that we still hold the majority of shares in; anyway, enough of that, let’s get started. “Have you told him?” Marlene asked, eying me speculatively. “Asked me what?” I said. “Oh it’s just that when we play, if you lose a trick there’s a penalty, don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you any money,” Meg said seeing the look of concern on my face. “If not money, then what?” I asked. “An article of clothing,” she said, that innocent smile lighting up her face. “As far as we know, we play the only game of strip-bridge in the world. How about it Bob; are you up for it? “I guess so,” I said. “Excellent,” Meg said dropping into one of the chairs and picking up a deck of cards that lay there and shuffled them with an expertise that showed her level of competence at bridge. It soon became apparent that compare to Meg, Marlene and Janet, I was a rank amateur, and if not for the fact that I was paired with Meg would have been stark naked within a matter of a few hands. Her skill though allowed me to hang onto my clothes for a fair while. Even so, every once in a while we would lose a hand, and as the rules stood Meg and I alternated each taking off an article of attire, until eventually there I sat with nothing on but my underpants. The worst of it was, both Marlene and Janet, who sat on either side of me, kept brushing their bare legs against mine, and besides that both had lost their bras leaving their tits fully exposed, and my dick straining to be free, of my shorts. “Now it gets interesting,” Meg, who still had on her panties and bra, said, and then dealt another round of cards to each of us. I’ll swear that Meg deliberately lost that hand forcing me to stand and slide of my underpants revealing my huge boner. As I sat, somewhat red faced, Marlene’s hand reached under the table and started to caress my leg sliding all the way up until it brushed against my cock. “Enough of that,” Meg said, “let’s discard with the rest of our clothes and we can continue from there.” “What happens now?” I asked. “Now if you lose, you have to perform whatever act the other side deems appropriate.” After stripping off, Janet dealt the cards and shortly after, Meg and I had taken all but two tricks. “Now then Bob, what sexual act would you like these two horny old maids to perform on you, personally I would love to see the two of them suck you cock.” “Sounds good to me,” I said, still not believing what fortune had thrown my way. Standing, both Marlene and Janet got one their knees and first one and then the other wrapped their mouths around my cock and buried it up to my balls. Satisfied that they had served their penance, Meg dealt another hand and again I’m sure she deliberately blew the game. “Now it’s our turn,” Janet said, anticipation sounding in her voice, “I want that cock buried as far as it will go into my pussy after that, I want to see it slide into Marlene’s hole; and lastly I want Meg to lick our pussy juice off Bob’s cock. “Man,” I thought this is what I get for losing, to fuck two gorgeous older broads then have a third suck and lick my dick. Obediently, I led both Marlene and Janet into the bedroom. As soon as Janet was on the bed with her legs spread-eagled, I slipped between them and slid my cock into her warm wet hole and began to ride her pussy as hard as I could. It must have been quite some time since that snatch had felt a man’s dick because almost immediately I felt her fingernails dig into my back and then with a convulsive surge she arched her back as ripples of pure ecstasy cursed through her body. The moment she finished convulsing, Marlene threw herself down beside us and opened her legs. “My turn she said, get that beautiful cock over her and give my snatch what it needs.” Pulling my dick free, I climbed over onto Marlene and thrust my dick into her waiting cunt and again within a matter of a few minutes had her moaning in pleasure as multiple orgasms racked her entire body.By then I wanted to come so badly that my cock and balls just ached with the urge to squirt cum into one of their mouths, or fill one of their pussies with a gallon of hot jism. However I knew I still had a duty to perform and if I left Meg out, then not only would she be dissatisfied I would as well. As I rolled over to satisfy my beautiful Meg, she was there instantly grabbing my cock, she buried it in her face and I fought with all my willpower not to let go, but knowing I was fighting a losing battle, I pulled my dick clear, and had meg kneel at the side of the bed then lean forward. Having Marlene and Janet do the same on either side of Meg, I plunged my dick into Meg’s pussy while at the same time I reached over and inserted the middle finger of both hands into Marlene and Janet’s cunts. Straining not to explode inside Meg’s warm wet hole, I drove my cock in and out until I felt the walls of her pussy begin to quiver. Then with one last thrust, I rammed my dick as far in as it would go and just as her orgasm sent shivers through her body, I exploded inside of her, my orgasm so intense as to be on the point of pain, but oh what beautiful pain. For several moments we all stayed just as we were,my cock now limp but still buried in Megs pussy my fingers still deep inside Marlene and Janet’s cunts, that I’m sure had come at the same moment as Meg and me. Eventually I pulled my dick free and climbed onto the bed, and then helped my three gorgeous paramours to climb up beside me, and then curling into a tangle of arms and legs, the four of us drifted off into a satisfied sleep. I’m not sure how long I slept, but when I awoke it was to a strange wet sensation on the end of my prick. Looking down I was amazed to see all three women taking turns to lick and suck my cock. To my amazement, my limp member instantly responded to the ministrations of those lovely wet mouths and was soon rock hard again. “I’m first,” Meg said, climbing onto my now rock hard dick and sliding up and down it. “Then if you’re going to do that, then I Want Bob’s tongue up my cunt,” Janet said planting her pussy over my mouth and rocking back and forth as I lashed her clit with my tongue. “If you’ve got Bob’s cock and Janet’s got his tongue then I want your tongue up my crack, Janet.” Standing over me so I could see what was happening Marlene held her snatch against Janet’s mouth and I watched as she drove her friend wild as she licked her clit. After several minutes without any apparent agreement to do so, the three of them changed places, each riding my cock the other sitting on my face and the third having her snatch licked by whoever was enjoying my tongue.I’m not sure how many orgasms each of them had, but I know it was quite a few. The one thing I am sure of is this, If I wasn’t young and fit, I doubt if I would have been able to keep up with the three of them.Anyway, after switching round several times, each of them burring my dick as far up their cunts as it would go, Meg again climbed on top of me and started that amazing rippling effect that drove my cock wild, while at the same time she reached behind her and squeezed my balls in her vice like grip. Within seconds, I could feel that urge in my prostate to let go a load of cum and then seconds later I was squirting hot gobs of jism into her snatch. After we had all showered and cleaned ourselves up, we dressed and Meg poured us all a drink and then said. “Well ladies, did young Bob live up to expectations?” She asked, giving me a sly wink. “He certainly did,” Marlene said, “I can’t remember the last time I was fucked like that. I think we should make this a weekly event Meg, what do you think Janet?” I can certainly live with that,” Janet said smiling at me, that is of course if Bob doesn’t mind coming over and keeping three old broads company. So there we stand, every Wednesday, I turn up at Meg’s apartment and fuck the three of them until none of us can stand, plus the extravagant gifs of money they lavish on me doesn’t hurt. Although to some extent I suppose I have become a gigolo, I really do adore the three of them and even if there wasn’t any cash involved I would still fill their cunts with my cock and lick their beautiful holes until they came. That goes doubly for Meg, I just love the way her pussy squirts love juice all over my face each time she comes on the end of my tongue. Soon I will be off to university and am going to miss my trio of horny broads, I suppose that while on campus I can find somebody to have sex with but I doubt very much if it will be anything like fucking my three horny old biddies

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